The John Maclean Foundation

The John Maclean Foundation changes lives by raising money to grant little Aussie's in wheelchairs the equipment to enable them to remain active and included in everyday their everyday lives.

The families we touch have been waiting months and sometimes years for a grant that enables them to purchase a piece of equipment etc. that will not only change the lives of the child in the wheelchair but that of the entire family.

A chair, a stroller or a modification in a car or home changes the lives of the entire family by creating opportunities of inclusion in the experiences we all take for granted like attending family/social events, going to the shops, enhancing the experience of school for the entire family, saving time which gives back to overall quality family time and often saves on medical bills and conditions for both parents and children.

Most importantly it creates the opportunity for inclusion, which is a right that every Australian should have and gives these little Aussie wheelies independence, enabling them to chase their dreams.

John Maclean after 26 years in a wheelchair completed the Nepean Triathlon as an abled bodied athlete. Alan Jones spoke to John the day after his EPIC journey at Nepean and introduced him and his story like this “Wherever you are just stop…This is the story to end all stories…This is not the story of the day or the story of the week this is the story of the decade…In the world of sport, well this isn’t sport this is courage”.

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