Plunket is the largest provider of free support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five in New Zealand.

We see more than 90% of new borns in New Zealand each year. Plunket offers parenting information and support as well as developmental assessments of your child.

Our nurses provide support through home and clinic visits, mobile clinics and PlunketLine, a free telephone advice service for parents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plunket also organises car seat rental services, parent groups, parenting education and toy libraries, drop in centres, playgroups and education in schools – most of which are available nationwide and free of charge.

Plunket care delivery staff include Plunket nurses, Plunket kaiāwhina (Māori health workers), and Plunket community karitane.

Plunket nurses are registered nurses with a speciality qualification in Well Child/Tamariki Ora nursing. Plunket kaiāwhina and community karitane (including Māori and Pacific health workers) are educated in a wide range of parenting and health issues to give extra support to family and whānau.

Families receive their first Plunket nurse visit within weeks of their child being born. Plunket nurses are thereafter available for regular visits to listen and respond to your thoughts and concerns.

They can provide information about a number of welfare issues including feeding, sleep position, safety, immunisation and parenting.

Plunket provides local community services and activities and help put families in touch with other families in the area. The regular coffee groups are a great way to make some friends and connections with other new mums in the neighbourhood. Plunket nurses can tell families what's happening, or have a look at what's listed nearby in the region.

Plunket also run parenting education programmes on parenting roles and child development.

Our vision & mission

Our vision & mission

Plunket's vision is Together, the best start for every child.
Mā te mahi ngātahi, e puāwai ai ā tātou tamariki.

Our mission is that we believe in supporting the development of healthy families.
E whakapono ana Te Whānau Āwhina Ki te tautoko te kaupapa o te hauora i te whānau.

Plunket’s Values

  • Trust / Te Aroha
    Our underlying value because it is both an input and an outcome; it influences how well people work together, and it is self-reinforcing so that the more trust is used and honoured, the stronger it becomes
  • Quality of Service / Te Ūnga
    The value that orients what we do towards achieving excellence in pursuit of the Plunket vision
  • Inclusiveness / Te Mahinga tahi
    The value that unites all stakeholders through the recognition of our shared commitment to the Plunket vision
  • Commitment / Te Tautukunga
    The value that describes the spirit of service that people bring to the Plunket vision

Our Guiding Principles

The following principles underpin the Plunket Well Child/Tamariki Ora and Family/Whānau Programme:

  • Treaty of Waitangi
    We’re committed to the principles of partnership, protection and participation inherent in the Treaty.
  • Health promotion
    We’re committed to health promotion, providing services according to principles implicit in the Ottawa Charter.
  • Cultural safety
    We’re committed to providing a culturally safe range of services.
  • Integration
    We recognise the importance of integrating our service with other services to achieve optimal health outcomes for both the children and their whānau/family.
  • Best practice
    We’re committed to using standard guidelines founded on evidence-based best practice.
  • Socio-ecological perspective
    We’re committed to working from a socio-ecological perspective.
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
    We’re committed to compliance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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