Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation

The Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation is a charity working to help those with cancer who, through personal circumstances, need financial, emotional or medical support. There are many people in our society who lack a functional family support network and battle with cancer on their own.

The charity was formed in the memory of Lynne King, who as a nurse spent much of her life caring for those with cancer. You can read her story by visiting our website at . The charity is registered with the Australian Taxation Department and all donations of AUD $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

All those associated with the foundation, including the trustees, are volunteers and receive no payment, either direct or indirect, for their services. Such is our commitment to helping those embarking on a journey that we are all too familiar with.

Susan’s story:

Susan, a 51 year old mum living in the Brisbane suburb of Wilston was diagnosed with breast cancer. Six months prior to her diagnosis her husband had left her with three kids aged 12, 14 and 16 to look after.

A social worker at the hospital put her in touch with the Foundation as the pressure from unpaid bills started to mount.

"I'm a stay at home mum who hasn't been in the workforce for 20 years. Being on my own with three kids to support, the only option I had left was to go on the dole" said Susan.

Susan bravely struggled to maintain a normal family life for her kids through two major operations and a grueling regime of treatments. Cancer hadn't put her life on hold; the household bills still needed to be paid. Plus, there was the kid’s uniforms, school shoes, lap top fees etc., to be paid for.

"The Foundation's help paying my electricity bills meant I could afford to pay for the registration on my car" said Susan. Mum's taxi service was still in full swing.

Having a car was essential, not only for getting the kids to their weekend activities, but to get to and from her exhausting schedule of treatments.

"I was blown away by how much the Foundation really cares. Not only has their help taken some of the pressure off, the emotional support has really helped me as well"

Susan’s tumor has now completely gone and Susan is now in remission!

Kerri’s story:

Kerri, a working mum diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012, was put in touch with the Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation by the Mummy's Wish Foundation Brisbane.

Being the only income provider, and with three kids 11, 18 and 19 to support, the family was doing it tough as the bills started to pile up.

"In June last year I had to go in for a second operation. I had already used up all my sick leave and long service leave and my pay had been dropped by 25%. Then from August to February 2013 I couldn't work at all while I went for Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment" said Kerri.

The Foundation helped out by paying Kerri's electricity and gas bills and by providing food and petrol vouchers to help them get by.

"The Foundation is unbelievable when you're in dire straits. They also paid for a special compression bandage I needed for my arm because of lymphedema caused by the breast cancer.

Like Susan, the monetary support the Foundation provided to her and her family released the pressure valve of financial stress but it was the incalculable value of the emotional support that really helped Kerri during this distressing time.

"What helped me the most personally was the emotional support they gave me; always there to listen when I felt like a scream or a whinge. Reg was a great support, he'd been through it with his wife Lynne and knew what I was going through"

Kerri returned to work in February last year, and in June received some very good news - she was given the all clear by her surgeon; her cancer is in remission.

"I can't praise the Foundation enough for their help and my family and I thank you all so much for everything."

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