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Transforming lives - through improving health and wellbeing in the community and supporting the research, prevention, care and control of cancer. The Can Too Foundation is a Health Promotion Foundation that transforms lives through fun, fitness, friends and fundraising. Beginners and experienced people alike are given professional coaching as part of a team to run or swim and bike in events - including marathon, half marathon 10km and 7/14km relay runs; as well as ocean swims and triathlons.

Stacey: My Can Too Experience

I first heard of Can Too shortly after it was founded in Sydney and thought that it sounded like a great programme. I had not long lost my Grandmother to Breast Cancer and the idea of a programme that helped people achieve such inspiring fitness goals in exchange for raising money to help fight cancer sounded amazing. My Mother has since been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I lost a friend to Brain Cancer as well so a programme like this has only increased in its appeal. I never ended up being able to sign up in Sydney as the training hadn’t branched out to near where I lived or worked at that time. But Flash forward to the start of 2012 and I had a burning desire to get fit and healthy and also put something back into the community. It was New Years Day and I was googling running events in Brisbane and discovered that Can Too had made its way there. I signed up that day. I didn’t really know what to expect but found a group of amazing people who had all been touched by cancer in some way and wanted to make a difference to themselves and to the wider community as well. Training was hard, but oh so rewarding and I got as much out of the easy runs as I did out of the hard ones. There were two highlights for me on that 1st programme – having one of the researchers come out to speak was so inspiring. I’ll never forget him saying how inspired he was knowing that he had all of these people running and swimming to raise money so that he could do his work. The other highlight was race day. I’d not really participated in a serious running event before so I didn’t realise how special doing it with Can Too was. I’ve since run a number of races without Can Too and I can now see that the support and encouragement you get and give through the programme is unparalleled. I think my ears are still ringing with cries of “GO CAN TOO” from that first run!

I’ve since been lucky enough to be involved in another Can Too programme, though this time as a Team Captain. My role as Captain was to support our wonderful Coach Hamey and help the team with motivation and their fundraising goals. There were many challenges in this programme, with some of the team struggling with fundraising, injuries and availability to train. But, in helping the team through these issues I found that the programme was almost more rewarding – it wasn’t just about ME and MY running and fundraising but about helping others achieve goals that previously they had thought impossible.

Through training with Can Too I’ve been able to do some amazing things: I’ve met a wonderful group of people; I’ve run distances I never thought achievable; discovered how generous my friends, family & co-workers are; toured one of the major Cancer Research labs in the country, met some of the most brilliant minds in medical research; and found a cause that is so worthwhile and gives so much back.


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