What do we need to do to join TriCharity?

To become a charity partner you would be required to provide the following:

Receipting purposes (required):

  • Logo (400 x 400px)
  • ABN and account details
  • Address and contact details
  • One copy line message of thanks (to appear on the donation tax receipt)

Donation purposes (optional)

  • Suggested dollar handle amounts
  • Dollar handle emotive images

Content purposes (required)

  • Information about the charity for display on the charity profile page (e.g about the organisation and the great work you do, inspirational stories, fundraising tips, etc)
Is there any competition/procedure on how competitors select the charity?

There is no competition as such to be selected as the charity of choice. It really comes down to the competitors and their emotional connection to a particular cause.

However, when an event has preferred charities associated with it, these will be highlighted on our platform for that particular event. Be that as it may, competitors are still able to choose to raise funds for any of our partner charities over the associated event preferences.

Is the charity selected for one off or for recurring event?

In general, the charity is selected for a one off event. The competitors can choose to continue raising for the same charity for all their events. It is at their discretion.

However, competitor profiles can be updated in the CRM with the charities they indicate they have an interest in and be updated with notifications of pertinent information e.g. Information on the multi-sport events their preferred charities have a strong association with etc.

Are donations tax deductable when processed through the TriCharity website? Do TriCharity issue the receipt to the donor or does the partner charity?

Presently, we are waiting for our DGR status, but they will be tax deductible through the website. We will receipt the donation and reconcile funds at the end of the month back to the charities.

How does the platform differ from Everyday Hero and Gofundraise?

We are not-for-profit. What we charge gets funnelled back into charitable projects, not company profits. We are also focused on those participants taking on triathlon and multi-sport events, so quite a specific targeted community.

What commission rates would be associated with using the platform?

Our overall fee is 5.5% which includes all payment and credit card fees. If someone donates $100 you get $94.50.

Does the TriCharity platform have the capacity to set up automatic and scheduled emails to groups of individuals?

We have full CRM capability with social media plugins as well. This is managed by TriCharity. Our system works social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Does the platform have plug-ins which can allow automatic uploading of data lists into a CRM such as Salesforce?

We can integrate into Salesforce, however it is not currently automated. You would have to give us IDs of data and we would plug that into our admin enabling data to correlate with your Salesforce setup. This we consider a special feature however and you would be charged for it, as it would come at a cost to us from our platform provider.

What is your fee for the charity?

The details for the costs:

  • No setup fees
  • Our overall fee is 5.5% which includes all payment and credit card fees. If someone donates $100 you get $94.50.
  • No ongoing costs
What information do partners need to supply for event promotions?
  • a title (event name), (i.e. Hell of the West)
  • the town or city where it is and the state (i.e. Sydney, NSW),
  • event date and time (i.e. February 14, 2016),
  • event website, (i.e. www.hellofthewest.com.au)
  • short description of the event,
  • long description,
  • event logo (any size image)
  • a large image (ideally 400x400px) from the event - so it symbolises people doing the event.
Is there a contract between TriCharity and its partners?

There is currently no contract or terms and conditions. TriCharity will look to develop these with our key partners.

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