Bringing our community together

Each year we will be organising a challenge to bring together the community of triathletes and multi-sporters to fundraise for a lofty goal while taking part in a big challenge.

For 2015 and 2016, one of our community will be attempting to complete all 5 Long Distance Triathlon races across Australia and NZ. Along with athletes completing one of the five races as part of their own challenge, the aim is to raise $226,000 for the 226kms an Ironman or Challenge race takes to complete. The races to be complete are:

  • Ironman Western Australia (Dec 6, 2015),
  • Challenge Wanaka (Feb 20, 2016),
  • Ironman New Zealand (Mar 5, 2016),
  • Ironman Australia (May 1, 2016) and
  • Ironman Cairns (Jun 12, 2016)

Our help supporting you

The money will be split among three charities: Can Too, TriCharity and the charity that the athlete chooses as their 3rd recipient.

You can apply to be involved as one of the fundraising athletes. By agreeing to fundraise $5,000, TriCharity and its partners will help you with support including:

  • Your own free race kit
  • Product discounts and support
  • Ambassadors from the charities for you to showcase the difference you’re making
  • A team for each event to help with your fundraising
  • Race day support as one of the TriCharity team.
  • Fundraising support and knowledge to help you with your goal.

How to apply

To apply, simply tell TriCharity why you think you’d be a great member of the fundraising team.

  • Are you a 1st timer?
  • Corporate socialite who can provide all the connections?
  • A fundraising extraordinaire?
  • You have an inspiring story that would move people to help the cause?
  • A long time triathlete or multi-sporter who can help the team?

Apply with your story via email to

We aim to let successful applicants for the 2016 races know by the start of December. 

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